Apple has recently released beta version of iOS 6.0 which is a mobile operating system for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The final version of iOS 6.0 is supposed to be released by this Fall.

New Features, Bug Fixes, and Enhancements in iOS 6.0

Following are some new feature, bug fixes, and enhancement which we have found so far:

1) Enhancements in "Phone" App:

  • If you cannot take a call at particular time, you can reply with a message to the caller.
  • If you cannot take a call at particular time, you can set it to remind you later to call the caller when you get free.
  • Now you can set it to "Do Not Disturb" mode which will block incoming calls but you can still receive messages.

2) FaceTime: Now FaceTime will also work with cellular connections.

3) Facebook Integration: Now Facebook is integrated in iOS 6.0 just like Twitter in iOS 5.0. Now you can sign-in to your Facebook account via settings and you are good to go.

4) Enhancements in "Siri":

  • Siri can now launch apps.
  • Siri can now Tweet.
  • Siri is smart about sports. It can pull in scores, game summaries and player stats.
  • Siri integrates with Yelp and OpenTable for restaurant reviews and reservations.
  • Siri in iOS 6 will also integrate with Rotten Tomatoes for movie times and reviews.
  • Siri is also available in a slew of new languages. Some of the languages include Canadian English/French, Spain/Mexico Spanish, Italian, Swiss French/German/Italian, Korean, Chinese for Taiwan/HK/PRC, etc.
  • Siri will get hands-free integration in lots of in-car systems.
  • Siri is coming to the new iPad.

5) Photos: Now you can share photos with friends over iCloud. You can also post comments on photos.

6) Passbook: Passbook is a brand new integrated iOS app designed to hold digital versions of airplane and train boarding passes, movie and show tickets, cards for retail services, and coupons. These digital versions resemble user-printable passes that would otherwise be inked onto paper and then disposed of, complete with varied bar, QR, and other codes that can be scanned by other handheld devices.

7) Mail: Mail now supports easier insertion of media files such as photos and videos into messages, adds a VIP mailbox, a flagged messages mailbox, and separate signatures for each of your e-mail accounts if so desired.

8) Maps: Apple has totally redesigned the Maps app from the ground up, making it far more competitive with what Android has to offer in Google Maps. Following are some key features of this App:

  • The new Apple Maps integrates with Yelp.
  • The new Apple Maps includes a 3D Flyover mode and Siri-integrated turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Apple is also building its own traffic service that can offer anonymous, crowd-sourced and real-time incident reports.
  • The Maps application also now automatically offers you directions from your current location to your home when you tap the search bar, making it easier to get back home without having to dig through your contacts to find your own address, or manually type it in.

9) Safari: Some of the key improvements include Instapaper-style offline reading, iCloud tab syncing and photo sharing website integration to make uploading hassle free. Another good feature is the ability to add “App Banners” to a website which allows developers to easily show-off their native app. Uses can touch the banner to install it and if it is already installed then open it up right there.

10) Clock: Now you can set songs as Alarm Tone in iOS6.

11) New Features for China: To service its growing customer base in China, Apple has added a new Chinese dictionary with iCloud multi-device synchronization, improved typing and handwriting recognition for the Chinese language to include over 30,000 characters, and added support for Baidu, Youku, Tudou, and Sina Weibo services.