I needed to run many applications and websites whenever I start working on my computer. Opening one by one each of them is quite waste of time. What if I can open all my application and web sites just by one click? Yes it is possible. You can open multiple applications and web sites just by one click and this is possible by creating Batch File. So what is the Batch File?

Batch file is the name given to a type of script file, a text file that contains a series of commands to be executed by the command interpreter.

So we can write multiple commands to open applications and web sites on batch file and then just by clicking on saved batch file all commands written on batch file will execute and thus multiple applications and websites will be open at just one click.
Here is the procedure How to create batch file.

1.Open Notepad

2.Type @echo off in your notepad
By turning it off, it will not show the commands that you put on file on running  the batch file.

3.Write commands

Write Command for opening website -in format

Start "Title" BrowserTypeExeName “Site url”

Title -is the title for website to open

BrowserTypeExeName -is the exe file of browser in which we want to open the website. For getting the exe file name for browser on which you want to open the web site RightClick on the shortcut of browser and select Properties=>Shortcut tab .In target section you can see the file name after last slash in path. For example If want to open the website on Mozilla firefox. Then we will write firefox.exe in BrowserTypeExeName in above command. Here is example

Start “Facebook” firefox.exe www.facebook.com

Note-You can skip “BrowserTypeExeName” above if you want to open your website in default browser.

Write Command for opening an application-in format
Start “” /b ” BrowserTypeExeName”
Start “” /b “ lnkfile”


BrowserTypeExeName - Same as above under section command for opening website.
Example-If I want to open Abode reader .Then I will write command

start "" /b "AcroRd32.exe"

lnkfile - Every shortcut for any program has the extension lnk. So we can run that lnk file also to run any program. In lnkfile  , We will give the full path of lnk file of program we want to open.
For getting the full path of lnk file right click on shortcut of program and select properties. In general tab you will get the Location and filename. By which you get the path of shortcut where it saved.
I want to open Free download manager then the command for it will be

Start "" /b "C:\Users\Avaneet\Desktop\Free Download Manager.lnk"



Finally Here is my batch file code-

                                                       @echo off
                                                       start "facebook" firefox.exe www.facebook.com
                                                       start  "gmail" iexplore.exe "www.gmail.com"
                                                       Start "" /b "C:\Users\Avaneet\Desktop\Free Download Manager.lnk"
4. Save File

Now save the file with bat extension as below-

5.Test the batch file created

Double click the saved file and ensure all programs you written have started running.