Some of the most commonly used SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) Transaction Codes are listed below:

Transaction Code

Most frequently used transaction codes
VS00 Master data
VC00 Sales Support
VA00 Sales
VL00 Shipping
VT00 Transportation
VF00 Billing
Transaction codes used for Configuration
VOV8 Define Sales documents type (header)
OVAZ Assigning Sales area to sales documents type
OVAU Order reasons
VOV4 Assign Item categories (Item cat determination)
VOV6 Schedule line categories
OVAL To assign blocks to relevant sales documents type
OVLK Define delivery types
V/06 Pricing
V/08 Maintain pricing procedure
OVKP Pricing proc determination
V/07 Access sequence
Transaction codes for End Users
VD01 Customer Master Creation
VD02 Change Customer
VD03 Display Customer
VD04 Customer Account Changes
VD06 Flag for Deletion Customer
XD01 Create Customer
XD02 Modify Customer
XD03 Display Customer
MM00 Create Other material
VB11 To create material determination condition record
CO09 Material availability Overview
VL01 Create outbound delivery with ref sales order
VL04 Collective processing of delivery
VA11 Create Inquiry
VA12 Change Inquiry
VA13 Display Inquiry
Sales order / Quote / Agreement / Contract
VA01 Create Order
VA02 Change Order
VA03 Display Order
VA02 Sales order change
VA05 List of sales orders
VA32 Scheduling agreement change
VA42 Contract change
VA21 Create Quotation
VA22 Change Quotation
VA23 Display Quotation
VF02 Change billing document
VF11 Cancel Billing document
VF04   Billing due list
FBL5N Display Customer invoices by line
FBL1N Display Vendor invoices by line
VL02N Change delivery document
VL04 Delivery due list
VKM5 List of deliveries
VL06G List of outbound deliveries for goods issue
VL06P List of outbound deliveries for picking
VL09 Cancel goods issue
VT02N Change shipment
VT70 Output for shipments
VKM3, VKM4 List of sales documents
VKM1 List of blocked SD documents
VD52  Material Determination