Visual Studio 2012

The latest version of its Visual Studio developer tool suite, so-called Visual Studio 2012 has many of new features and capabilities. Microsoft started it with redesigning the interface of Visual Studio2012.Overall Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 have now new capabilities for Windows 8, the web, SharePoint, mobile, and cloud development.

New Features and Enhancements

Revamped User Interface

Revamped User Interface


Microsoft redesigned the Visual studio user interface to streamline everyday tasks and enhancing the productivity. New UI will provide easy access to the tools used regularly. Other changes are simplified toolbars, reduced tab clutter and fast way to find snippets and code elements quickly by using improved IntelliSense. All of this should make it easier to navigate application and work the way you like.

Windows Store Apps

Windows Store Apps


Windows 8 introduces a new type of application: the Windows Store app. Windows Store apps have a brand new look and feel, run on a variety of devices, and you sell them on the Windows Store. These windows store apps can be developed in Visual Studio 2012 in a variety of languages. Visual Studio 2012 also delivers new templates, designers, and testing and debugging tools for the Windows 8 OS, as well as a visual toolkit. Developers have the option of selling apps they create through the Windows Store.

Develop for Windows Phone 8

Visual Studio 2012 will provide support for developing Windows Phone 8 application. This will come online in the future, once Windows Phone 8 and the developer SDK become available

Web Development Enhancements

Visual Studio 2012 now use most recent Web standards, provides new templates, better publishing tools. The new HTML editor offers full support for HTML5 elements and snippets. The CSS editor offers full support for CSS3, including support for CSS hacks and snippets for vendor-specific extensions to CSS.
With new Page Inspector feature you can Quickly find the source of rendered markup. The new Page Inspector feature renders a webpage (HTML, Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, or Web Pages) directly within the Visual Studio IDE. When you choose a rendered element, Page Inspector opens the file in which the markup was generated and highlights the source.

New in SharePoint

In SharePoint there are many new features .Some of them are new designers for list and content types, new templates for site columns and Silverlight web pages, as well as new options for deploying SharePoint sites. Visual studio 2012 also features improved client side development, with support for JavaScript debugging and IntelliSense. . ALM features like performance profiling, unit testing, and IntelliSense are now available for SharePoint development.


LightSwitch is a powerful tool available for building business applications for the Desktop and the Cloud. It enables anyone to create line of business applications without having to write a lot of code. Starting in Visual Studio 2012, LightSwitch is available as part of the Visual Studio Professional, Premium and Ultimate installations.

New in Graphics

Now development of games and 3-D application will be easier in Visual studio 2012 With Model Editor you can inspect standard 3-D model formats. With Image Editor you can create, inspect, and modify bitmap and compressed image formats and also you can Create advanced pixel shaders using Shader Designer.

Visual Studio 2012 Features and Enhancement-Part 2