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Visual Studio 2012 Features and Enhancement-Part 1

Visual Studio 2012

Following are some other new features and enhancements in Visual studio 2012.

Code Window Resize

Microsoft added the automatic code window resize capability in visual Studio 2012.Which can also be turned on or off. When user will edit the code, then on selecting the code window, it will automatically maximize it at the overhead of Solution Explorer, the Output pane, etc.

Cloud Capable

Cloud Capable


Visual Studio 2012 will provide fast access to fast access to virtually unlimited servers in the cloud with the ability to add more storage and computing power on the fly. It provides the best possible tool to develop Cloud services .There is cloud tooling improvements including support for distributed caching, new publishing options, new templates, and a lower install footprint in visual Studio 2012.

IIS Express

Previously to develop and test web applications developers used either the visual studio‘s own ASP.NET Development Server or the IIS Web Server that comes built-into Windows. There was a great requirement that locally running ASP.NET Development Server will have all the features that comes with IIS Web Server, and that requirement has been filled now by new IIS Express. In Visual Studio 2012, IIS Express is the default server for web development. IIS Express is a lightweight, self-contained version of IIS that contains all the core capabilities of the IIS web server role. So developers can Develop web applications against a server identical to that of IIS.

New SQL Server Object Explorer

Navigation in Old SQL server object explorer was not easy enough. Now Microsoft has improved the SQL server object explorer in visual studio 2012. There is better integration of SQL server with SQL server object explorer .You can manage server logins, drop databases, and open a new, un-crippled query window. The new SQL Server Object Explorer shows column data types as well as primary and foreign keys.

New Solution Explorer

Visual Studio 2012 has improved solution Explorer by which you can easily browse the code. You can browse the types and members in your projects, search for symbols, view a method’s Call Hierarchy, find symbol references, and perform other tasks without switching between multiple tool windows.

Improved IntelliSense

Visual studio 2012 has much richer and improved IntelliSense. IntelliSense is faster and more accurate than ever before. The new IntelliSense extensibility mechanism automatically provides IntelliSense when you use standard comment tags (//) in JavaScript. You can also Extend JavaScript IntelliSense to improve support for libraries from other organizations. You can Find snippets and code elements quickly by using improved IntelliSense.

Visual Studio ALM Gets a New Lifecycle

With Team Foundation Server of Visual Studio 2012 team can build to higher-quality software and maintenance as there are fewer obstacles, flexible agile process and continuous feedback in Visual Studio 2012.It provides new ways to track requirements and feedback from stakeholders, customers, and business team members. ALM is solid now. With Team Foundation Service, you get ALM without the infrastructure. That way, even the smallest teams can then benefit from revision control, code reviews, and agile planning tools.