Windows Phone 8 (code named Apollo), a new operating system is a next generation of Windows Phone. Microsoft has announced few details of Windows Phone 8 at Windows Phone summit. But it was just a “sneak-peak”, hence still more details has to come out. Some mobile hand set makers have already announced to launch Windows Phone 8 devices very soon but launch dates are not yet disclosed. Some of the most awaited Windows Phone 8 devices are Samsung ATIV S, Nokia Lumina 920 & 820, and HTC 8X.

microsoft windows phone8-samsung device

Features and Specifications of Windows Phone 8 (Revealed by Microsoft and other forums)

Shared base core of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8:

Windows 8 will share much of the code base with Windows Phone 8 which will result into an integrated ecosystem wherein developers can easily create apps and drivers that can be used on phones, tablets, and desktops. Now it's a lot easier to write Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps that share features. A common developer code will ensure that you can play games across Windows and WP 8, both. Hence, it would be a better experience. Windows Phone 8 will run the same kernel as Windows 8. It will use many of components same as Windows 8.Windows Phone 8 will provide networking stacks, security, and multimedia support by which developers will be able to reuse most of their code and in very less time they will be able to port apps and software from the desktop to the phone.

windows phone 8 - shared windows core

Metro look customized live Tiles:

Windows Phone 8 will come with a new home screen. It will have live metro look customizable tiles. You can now change the individual tile size according to your requirement, which will allow a greater customization of tiles on your screen. Hence each user can get a new look of home screen with live metro look tiles. You can pin actual contacts to the home screen, seeing any communication between you both, along with their photos, updates, etc. New start screen now uses the whole width of start screen, without the arrow to tell you to swipe sideways for more apps. So now you will have extra space for tiles. Tiles are now available in three different sizes. So Along with the standard tile size any app can have extra-large tile size to fit more detail onto the live tiles and by using new small tile, if you don’t need full size for any app, you can shrink them by using new small tile.

windows phone 8 - metro look live tiles

Support for much Higher Resolution:

Windows Phone 8 features 3 new resolutions: 800 x 480, 1280 x 768 and 1280 x 720 which will give phone makers more flexibility. With high resolutions developers will be able to create rich-looking apps loaded with detail.

Video Calling:

Microsoft has added code to make VOIP calls feel like ordinary calls with all the same features and notifications. It’s good for Skype as well as developers can use it for other apps too. VOIP calls can stay at the background like other calls. VoIP software will not only be able to run persistently in the background, it will also be able to integrate with the built-in dialer. This allows VoIP calls to be placed without having to venture into a separate application.

Removable MicroSD Cards and Multicore Chipset:

Windows Phone 8 will have support for multi-core CPUs of up to 64 cores and removable MicroSD Cards. So you will not have to worry now for limiting memory space. You can expand the memory by using MicroSD Cards whenever you want.

windows phone 8 - multi core processors

Lens Applications:

These applications integrate with camera and allow software and hardware to integrate to offer cool camera features.
Windows Phone 8 features lens applications for providing instant effects and a built-in panoramic setting using Microsoft's PhotoSynth technology. There is cool “blink lens app” written by Microsoft research team which lets you get the best picture of someone because this app uses the face recognition to get the best possible image of face .It takes multiple frames  at once. Then it scans the images and picks the best photo and you can also later choose the photo that you like more. Each image saved to blink only and the chosen image only goes to gallery.

Another impressive application is “smart shoot”, which can snap a bunch of images in a row and composites them together and allows you to tap and remove the image that you don’t want.

Pinch-to-Zoom Camera Support:

Windows Phone 8 will no more have zoom bar. Instead, you can pinch-to-zoom like you do on other smartphone operating systems.


Windows Phone 8 will have ability to capture screenshots. It will now easier to take screenshots. By pressing the home and power buttons simultaneously, you can take a screenshot of what’s on your screen.

Microsoft Wallet App:

Windows Phone 8’s New Digital Wallet feature will allow you to make payments by tapping your phone on a credit card reader the way Google Wallet does, and store credit card and membership details securely and tap your phone to send them the way iOS 6 will. So It lets you use your device as a digital wallet. NFC as well as other options will there for Wallet payment system.

Internet Explorer 10:

Windows Phone 8 will have Internet Explorer 10. Mobile will have same rendering engine as desktop IE10 and will have Smart Screen Filter support. With this new browser it is featuring a new JavaScript engine, better performance, twice the HTLM5 compatibility, advanced privacy features and optional data-compression, malwares blocking.

Nokia Maps Integration:

windows phone 8 - nokia map integration

Microsoft integrated Nokia maps in Windows Phone 8.That means, now each device which have Windows Phone 8 operating system will have the Nokia apps, even if it is device of other manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung. It will provide more detailed Maps and Turn-by-Turn Directions in many Countries. It will also have the ability to store maps offline.

Skydrive Integration:

Windows Phone 8 will support deep Skydrive integration, Microsoft cloud solution. Skydrive is a file hosting service that allows users to upload and sync files to cloud storage and then access them from a Web browser or their local device. It is part of the Windows Live range of online services and allows users to keep the files private, share them with contacts, or make the files public. Publicly shared files do not require a Microsoft account to access.

As a result of skydrive integration full resolution photos will automatically uploaded to one’s skydrive account. SkyDrive will also be able to access the storage of a Windows Phone 8 device and easily snatch content from the device (like photos and videos shot on the phone).

NFC (Near Field Communication):

Windows Phone 8 will support tap to share capabilities, which will provide seamless exchange of content via Near Field Communication (NFC) between not just phones, but also desktops, laptops, and tablets. So it will provide many features just like android and iOS.

Conversational Speech Recognition System:

Windows Phone 8 lets you have conversations with apps i.e. it will include conversational speech recognition system based on tellMe technology used in Windows Phone 7 .Microsoft advances better than siri  by letting developers integrate speech response and recognition directly into apps for Windows Phone 8.

Data Smart:

New data smart feature based on the metered broadband connection capabilities help users to manage their data consumption. It will contain a number of ways for users to keep better track of their data consumption. Data Smart will not only track data usage, but also actively seek out and give precedence to Wi-Fi connections when they're available.

Focus towards Business Users:

Microsoft conceded that Company has not been much successful in business arena So It will be bring new features in Windows Phone 8 platform .Features includes support for  BitLocker encryption, office apps, a secure boot mode, and deployment of Line-of-Business apps such as point-of-sale apps, product catalogs, dashboards, in-field or sales apps, workflow management apps, and monitoring and response apps. .Due to the shared core there will be easy device management for administrators, so they can use the same tools they use on the desktop to manage Windows Phone 8 devices.

Other Features:

Windows Phone 8 will support better Background multitasking. Hence now you can download music while listening to music.
Microsoft added yellow, red, and gray start screens to Windows Phone 8.
Windows Phone 8 will provide 25% brighter display.

HTC 8S/8X with Windows Phone 8