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JavaScript : jQuery -  A brief Introduction
jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.....
Category: JavaScriptDate: 1/2/2012 12:29:00 AM
Internet-Misllaneous : Understanding Browser Hijacking And How To Correct It?
If you are an Internet junkie and surf nearly 24 hours a day, it may be to your benefit to understand how Web Browser hijacking works....
Category: Internet-MisllaneousDate: 11/11/2009 6:24:00 PM
ASP.Net : How to detect client's browser capability using C# code?
Since there are a number of web browsers exists like Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc and all may differ in some capabilities like javascript is supported or not, a particular style is supported or not, etc....
Category: ASP.NetDate: 12/10/2008 6:55:00 AM
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